Purchasing Beautiful Gemstone Material at the Source

Vol. 3 – Pink Sapphires

SUWA Classic Jewelry uses rare, high-quality gemstone components that are procured at the source where they are polished and produced.

Here we introduce the local buying process for high-end rubies and sapphires that are required for SUWA to create beautiful jewelry.

Pink Sapphires

SUWA’s pink sapphires exhibit a magnificently beautiful color. We take you on a buying trip for these pink sapphires.

Marquise-cut Rubies

Here we follow the procurement of 7mm x 3.5mm marquise-cut rubies, one of SUWA’s standard sizes. Rubies that satisfy SUWA’s quality standards are carefully selected from parcels of the finest qualities.

Oval-cut Sapphires

This video follows the procurement of 5mm x 4mm oval-cut sapphires, another standard SUWA size. Through careful evaluation of the color’s tone, we select sapphires that will exhibit their most beautiful blue color when set in jewelry.

Round-cut Rubies

A look at the purchasing of round-cut rubies from Myanmar (Burma) that exhibit a high degree of nearly pure red color. Production of high-quality Burmese rubies is declining each year, making procurement difficult.

  • Vol. 4 – Round-cut Rubies
    Vol. 4 – Round-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded soon.

Oval-cut Rubies

Join us as we purchase oval-cut rubies from Myanmar with a nearly pure red color. Many of these have surface-reaching imperfections, making careful inspection necessary.

  • Vol. 5 – Oval-cut Rubies
    Vol. 5 – Oval-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded soon.

Baguette-cut Rubies

With top-quality baguette-cut rubies also being highly sought after by Europe’s luxury watch makers, manufacturers from around the world compete fiercely for these gemstones. Here we follow the purchase of high-end baguette-cut rubies, which are facing declining production.

  • Vol. 6 – Baguette-cut Rubies
    Vol. 6 – Baguette-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded soon.