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After-sales Service

Two-year No-cost Maintenance and Repair Warranty

Gemstone rings are delicate items. With use over time, a gemstone might get chipped by hitting it against a surface, or the ring may become misshapen, causing stones to become loose or even to fall out. Wear your ring everyday to get used to handling it, so that you can enjoy it for a long time. For two years from your original date of purchase, SUWA will provide repairs and maintenance at no charge.

Each piece of SUWA jewelry is stamped with a unique serial number. This number is also recorded on your warranty certificate. If you need repairs, please take your jewelry and warranty certificate to your authorized SUWA jeweler. Based on the number we have on file, we will recommend the best maintenance and repair service. Our wish is for you to enjoy your jewelry for many years.

All SUWA jewelry is stamped with a serial number that also serves as your warranty number. (Right photo)

warranty・serial number

Eternity Ring Size Adjustments

Rings can be remade to the desired size, or exchanged

Since eternity rings are set with diamonds completely around the ring, a new ring will be made in the requested size and set with diamonds from the customer's original ring.

This service is performed at no charge for two years from the original date of purchase. After the warranty period, charges will apply. Please contact your SUWA jeweler for details on repair pricing.