Emerald has a long history and is one of the most valued of gemstones.
Believed to protect the wearer from misfortune, it has a beautiful green of mystical quality that smoothes the soul.

Emerald has a history that dates back thousands of years. Its name is derived from the Greek word smaragdos. The legendary Cleopatra’s mines of Egypt, whose existence was confirmed in 1818, are said to have produced translucent emeralds of a light green color. The significance of emerald changed in the late 16th century when Colombian emerald was introduced to Europe. These large, beautiful emeralds, which had been spread from Mexico to Peru, were taken by the conquering Spaniards back to their homeland in large quantities. There they were fashioned into cabochons, beads, sculptures, and such, ending up in the royal households of Europe, Turkey, Iran, and India. What were once called “Spanish emeralds” or “Peruvian emeralds” were in fact these Colombian emeralds.

Colombian emeralds possess a soft, beautiful green. They may be slightly bluish or yellowish, but they are nearly pure in color, with no evidence of any grayishness that reduces their intensity. The primary factors that might lower the beauty grade of Colombian emeralds are low transparency and an abundance of imperfections. Also, rough Colombian emeralds often display color concentrated near the surface of the crystals, and are cut to preserve these areas. It is important to understand that because of this there are some poorly shaped stones on the market.

The green color of Colombian emeralds is caused by the element chromium, while Brazilian and Zambian emeralds are generally colored by vanadium. The difference shows up as a difference in the quality of the green hue.

Among Colombian emeralds, those from the Muzo mine have exceptionally attractive color and are considered among the most valuable colored stones, along with Kashmir sapphire and Mogok ruby. When comparing gem qualities of 0.5 to 2 carats, emeralds are the most highly priced. They are more expensive than even a beautifully cut round brilliant diamond polished from fine-quality rough.

Ring, Platinum
Colombian Emerald 1pc
2.45 ct
Diamond 4 pc
0.62 ct
US $120,000