This gemstone was designed "Imperial" in honor of a Brazilian Emperor.
Topaz with a reddish orange color is highly valuable.
"Imperial" topaz refers to topaz with a yellow-orange, orange, or "sherry" (reddish orange) color. Topaz has been known since the times of ancient Egypt and Rome. In 1883, it was discovered that heating amethyst would alter it to a beautiful yellow citrine, and these citrines were called "golden topaz," despite the fact that they were not actually topaz. Large quantities of this material were sold under that misnomer, causing confusion in the market for a period of time. To differentiate genuine topaz from heat-treated citrine, the name "Imperial" was applied, in honor of Emperor Don Pedro of Brazil.

A strongly reddish orange is the preferred color for Imperial topaz. Meanwhile, yellowish material is considered inferior, and some people so not call this "Imperial." Material with a color that is more red than orange, resembling sherry wine, is very uncommon and not often encountered. Therefore, beautiful stones of this color are extremely expensive.
Topaz is gemstone that occurs as large crystals. Since many Imperial topaz crystals are quite long, the finished gems also tend to be somewhat long. Imperial topaz prices are about ten times that of citrine, so cutters will attempt to minimize weight loss as much as possible. As a result, each one will have a nonstandard shape, and jewelry tends to be handmade instead of mass-produced. This is a time-consuming process, but it can also be considered part of the mystique of such high-priced treasures.

Upon comparison, the difference between citrine and Imperial topaz becomes obvious. Especially when viewed under incandescent light, the orange color of an Imperial topaz will take on a pinkish hue. Material with very low tone levels such as 1 or 2, or with a beauty grade of B, will not appear much different from citrine. Yet in jewelry quality or better, and especially in gem quality, the beauty of Imperial topaz is truly an incomparable gift from nature. The color of Imperial topaz is natural, not heated or otherwise treated.
Ring, Platinum
Imperial Topaz 1pc
Diamond 14 pc
US $25,000