This shape is seen in many large diamonds, and
its flashes of rainbow-colored dispersion are noticeable even from a distance.
Pear shapes (sometimes called "teardrops" or "tear shapes") are conspicuous among the large-sized diamonds currently being polished. This shape looks larger than a round of the same weight, and large diamond crystals can be efficiently polished as pear shapes. Large pear shapes are often set as the center diamond in necklaces and tiaras. A pear-shaped diamond set in a tiara will sparkle brilliantly with rainbow-colored dispersion as the wearer moves, and will be noticeable even from a distance of 30 feet or more. Diamonds possess considerable beauty just as they are, but there is no doubting the unmistakable beauty that pear shapes exhibit when they are viewed in motion.

About 80 percent of the large diamonds seen at the auctions of Christie's and Sotheby's are fancy shapes, such as the rectangular emerald cuts and old cushion shapes. Among those, however, are many pear shapes put up for sale in sizes of 10 carats to 30 carats. At auctions such as these, diamond grading reports accompany each diamond. Although these reports serve as a reference in understanding market prices, there are substantial differences in beauty among stones of the same color and clarity grades.
When purchasing at an auction, it is therefore important to get an expert opinion and to check the pieces for yourself beforehand.

As with other shapes of diamonds, the quality of a pear shape lies in its high transparency, the balance between its brilliance and multi-colored dispersion, the quality of its overall appearance, and the scintillation seen as the stone moves. In practice, diamond dealers will confirm beauty through comparison with their on-hand inventory or master stones. Since appearances change depending on lighting, always checking against comparison stones is a critical step in confirming beauty. The way to make the best choice is to close attention to their appearance, and to select the diamond that you think is the most attractive.
Necklace, Platinum
Pear-Shaped Diamond 1pc
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