Taking advantage of depth while bringing out brilliance minimizes crystal loss.
This is the most successful cutting style of the late 20th century.
The princess cut is a relatively new cutting style that entered the market in the late 1970s. For many years, the decision regarding the shape and facet arrangement of gemstones has been based on maximizing beauty while minimizing loss to the crystal. Through a combination of its beauty and efficient use of rough, as well as distinguished name, the princess cut has become the most successful cutting style of the late twentieth century. The facets are arranged in a brilliant style, allowing it to succeed in producing a bright, scintillating stone. The secret of the princess cut lies in its square shape, and the intricate mosaic pattern that extends to its four corners sparkles beautifully.

Consider the ring set with nine princess cuts shown in the photograph below. The diamonds are set without any space between them, like rows of square windows on an elegant building shining in the sunlight. When several round brilliants are placed side by side on a surface, there will always be some space between them. The princess cut provides a solution to this design problem.
Princess cut are cut deep, which allows them to achieve a strong and beautiful brilliance. Taking advantage of this thickness to bring out brilliance results in less weight loss during polishing. Whereas a 1.5-carat rough crystal can be cut to a one-carat princess cut, polishing the same-sized crystal as a round brilliant cut will only yield 0.7 carat. The facet that the stone can be enjoyed with minimal loss to the rough is an important characteristic of the princess cut.

Princess cuts make colors appear deeper, and yellow ones will appear to have a stronger color than they would as emerald cuts. Therefore, this cut is often used for fancy yellow diamonds. Its strong brilliance also masks imperfections, making it a superior component for use in jewelry.

One thing to be careful of with princess-cut diamonds is the ease with which the edges can be chipped. Because the corners are quite sharp, it is fairly easy for the areas around the corners to be accidentally chipped during the stone setting process.
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