This jewelry is capable of changing its mood, and can be
enjoyed according to your style of dress or the time of day.

As its name implies, the appearance of this pendant can be changed. The central point of its beauty is the large peridot with its well-balanced mosaic pattern. However, on occasions when an eye-catching peridot is not suitable, the design allows the gemstone to be removed. As shown below, the pendant converts into a piece of jewelry that can be worn in any situation. The ability to add or remove the gemstone is the “convertible” portion of this piece, and the strong point of its design is the ability to change from a pendant that overflows with the beauty of a colored stone to a style that is more modest. Its mood can be changed and enjoyed according to your style of clothing or the time of the day.

There are many gemstones such as peridot (Mohs hardness 6 1/2 to 7) that are beautiful but have a low hardness. There are fairly easily scratched, but when set in a pendant or brooch they can be used for a long time without much damage. In antique jewelry, chipped girdles are fairly common in rings set with rubies or sapphires (hardness 9), and even diamonds (hardness 10). However, the damage seen in colored stones set in brooches is surprisingly minor. Considering their durability, gemstones with low hardness are best used in jewelry creations other than rings.

The balance between the pendant bail and the thickness of the chain is important. This bail matches well with a slightly thick omega chain, but an overly wide chain will decrease the impact of the colored stone. A fairly wide range of colored stones- from 0.5 to 5 carat-sizes- can be used, but if you plan to use stones you already have. Consult with your jeweler beforehand, since there are limitations on the shape and thickness of stones that can be used.

18K Yellow Gold
Size (mm):L420 x W14 x H7.0