This is a diamond bracelet
that is as supple as lace.

This is an extremely soft bracelet that fits smoothly around the wrist. With a pliancy that is unimaginable for jewelry made out of precious metal and diamonds, it gathers up compactly like lace. This bracelet is suited for casual use. Its image is perfect for ladies in their 40s or 50s, to wear at a summer resort or when taking the dog out for a walk.

There are always successful people in the world-in the past there were the aristocrats and royalty, and today there are the business moguls and celebrities. Jewelry is expensive, and over the ages it has evolved and improved through the support of economically powerful people. Without the kind of individuals who can casually spend the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to buy jewelry such as this flexible diamond bracelet, the development of leading lines of jewelry as a whole would decline. Fortunately, the freedom of the world economy ensures the continuing succession of wealthy people whose needs will be met by unique and wonderful jewelry. We can be certain, therefore, that new jewelry techniques will continue to evolve.

The 21st century will be the era of the Internet. Essential information will be exchanged instantly, and buyers and sellers will connect on a one-to-one basis. If this bracelet could be purchased in an auction, and then resold at auction after being worn and enjoyed, there would be a great number of interested buyers. If it can be shown at the time of resale that a piece has not depreciated in value, jewelry in the 21st century will be recognized for the inherent nature of its value, and a higher level of confidence in jewelry will be realized.

The ring below has the same flexible construction as the bracelet, and it is a very comfortable and wearable piece. The ring in the photograph is 8.7 millimeters wide (1/3 inch), and is a size 5 (US). It is also available in 7-millimeter width (1/4 inch), which is more suited for younger people, and affordably priced. There is also a wider style that is appropriate for older people, but the diamonds are larger, making it more expensive.

Harry Winston
950 Platinum
Size (mm):L23 x W8.7 x H23