Through small, each of these gemstones is different,
and their combination creates something totally unique.

This brooch, glittering with pavé-set gemstones, represents springtime in a series entitled “Flowers of the Four Seasons.” The small yellow diamonds that are set in the flower of the tulip have a color of exquisite beauty that is the essence of a pure lemon yellow. Though a calculated design and careful make, each diamond if light and pure yellow-unblemished by any brownish color-contributes to the beauty of a creation that does not exist in nature. It is extremely rare to come across yellow diamonds as beautiful as these. Looking at this work frees one from the misconceptions that colored gemstones with deeper color and top clarity are of the highest quality, or that colorless diamonds are the best.

The leaves are made of demantoid garnets and very small round brilliant diamonds. A close look shows that extremely small diamonds are set all the way to the tips of the leaves. The little bee shown on the side looks as though it is actually buzzing around the flower net to it. The brilliance of the diamonds is fully displayed within wings that are crafted exceedingly thin to resemble an actual bee’s wings.

Because every small diamond displays its color differently, it is impossible to make two identical pieces like this tulip brooch. In many ways, this is what makes gemstone-oriented jewelry so attractive. The style can be duplicated, but each gemstone has a different nature, causing each combination to create something totally unique.

The photograph below shows a brooch that takes advantage of the delicate greed color of demantoid garnets. The inspiration for this brooch is the image of a dew-moistened leaf, lit by sunlight filtering through the deep spring foliage. Using gemstones created by nature, with a deep understanding of the character and beauty of the particular gemstone type, this creation fully expresses the beauty of a moment in nature. More than just a piece of jewelry, this brooch enters the realm of art. Though not shown here, there is a little ruby snail on the back of this brooch.

950 Platinum
18K Yellow Gold
Demantoid Garnet
Size (mm):L39 x W27 x H15