With jewelry, it can be said that
the choice of materials is the design itself.

This light pink coral brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels, called “Rose de Noël”(“Christmas Rose”), has been a favorite of princess Salimah Aga Khan (1940~) and princess Diana (1961~1997). When holding this piece, one cannot help but feel the splendor and calm that emanate from the petals of pink coral. The clasp on this brooch is a clip. It is a versatile piece that might be worn on h hat, holding a scarf, or with a string of pearls. This brooch carries with it the weight of having been selected by those who choose the best and have the style to wear it well.

Coral is a material that is made by marine microorganisms, making it different from mineral gemstones. However, its beauty is a match for any gemstone, and it possesses the charm necessary for jewelry. Here, a single cluster of round brilliant diamonds set among stems of yellow gold is surrounded by six petals of pink coral.

When coming up with the conception for jewelry such as this, deciding on what materials to use has a crucial effect on quality and value. For example, when making jewelry of the exact same construction, the value can be doubled or halved depending on choices made regarding the material, the color, and the quality level-even if the costs are identical. If agate had been used instead of coral in this piece, its attractiveness as jewelry probably would have been lost. Through the use of pink coral, the expression of the softness and gentle color of a flower petal is possible. The choice of jewelry materials is as important as the design itself.

The earrings below are a matching set for the brooch to the next page. They are impressive enough to be worn by themselves, but when worn with the brooch, the style makes a much deeper impression.

Van Cleef & Arpels
18K Yellow Gold
Pink Coral
Size (mm):L32 x W30 x H12 each