The impressive brilliance of a large diamond enriches one's life.

New York is the world’s foremost cutting center for large diamonds, including pear shapes. The reason why there are many pear shapes is that they lose less weight during polishing, and there is the added advantage than a pear shape of seven or eight carats will look as large as a ten-carat round diamond because of its somewhat flat make. However, not all pear shapes meet expectations. Many also reenter the market after repolishing, and unless a cutter specifically mentions that a diamond was newly polished from a particular piece of rough, it is impossible to tell if the stone was recently mined.

Even if a large stone has imperfections (VS or SI grades), the key is to look for one that has no defects, a beautiful outline, and a high level of transparency. Insisting on a diamond that is colorless and free from imperfections (D-IF), but choosing a thickly cut stone with insufficient brilliance and beauty should be avoided by seeking the advice of someone knowledgeable. Even after one has enjoyed its beauty for years and experienced the comfort that it brings, a beautiful large diamond that is free of defects will maintain a high, internationally accepted value as an asset. Fine gemstones enrich the soul and add composure to one’s life, and examples of their putting a positive spin on a situation are far too numerous to mention. A certain age allows one the luxury of wearing large diamonds and other high-priced jewelry.

The diamond cluster earrings shown below contain twenty diamonds-marquises, pears, and rounds-totaling ten carats, in a wire setting. To show off the beautiful brilliance of the diamonds in their leading role, this setting conceals the precious metal holding the gemstones as much as possible. This style, where the piece appears to be constructed only of gemstones, is a trait of jewelry made by Harry Winston, Inc. Harry Winston (1896-1978) will be remembered by many as the foremost “large stone” dealer of 20th century, but he was also a jeweler who poured his passion into bringing out the maximum potential of beautiful gemstones.

Harry Winston
950 Platinum
Size (mm):L28 x W20 x H17 each