This ring contains over one thousand raised beads.
One can only admire the fact that such precise setting work was done in such a limited space.

Other than where the finger and jade touch it, this beautiful ring is completely covered with bead-set round brilliant-cut diamonds. On its top and sides are a total of 272 tightly bead-set diamonds, and the jadeite is securely held in place by four prongs. The ring contains over one thousand raised beads, and one can only admire the fact that such precise setting work was done in such a limited space. Even the lower portion of the shank that shows metal will be set with diamonds once the size of the ring is determined.

The bottom of this 21 x 17 x 11 millimeter, untreated jadeite cabochon is held tightly against the upper bezel of the ring. The four prongs have a short appearance, but they apply enough pressure to support the cabochon firmly. The lower bezel is bowed to give it a natural feel against the finger, and its curve is noticeable from both sides of the ring.

It is sometimes said that when hosting a gathering, one’s jewelry should be subdued, Diamonds have a tendency to be compared by their size, but surely, beautiful colored stones like this jadeite can be worn to liven up the mood without feeling uneasy toward your guests. This style, also made with amethyst, is capable of elegantly enhancing beautiful gemstones.

A wide variety of cabochon-cut gemstones can be chosen, including star ruby, star sapphire, cat’s-eye chrysoberyl, or black opal. For faceted stones, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, as well as rhodolite and imperial topaz, are suited to this style. It is luxurious and wonderful to enjoy a large gemstone-untreated and without defects if possible-as the main stone in this style.

Below is a necklace of eighteen links with a cocoon motif. Each link has the natural curves reminiscent of a cocoon, and circles of yellow color and chains of colorless brilliance are magnificently displayed by the diamonds set in them. Even from the photograph, it can be seen that the diamonds were chosen for their matching color and size, and are set with careful precision.

18K Yellow Gold
Size (mm):L420 x W15 x H4.0