This ring uses as many gemstones as possible,
filling a limited space with an abundance of brilliance.

This is a domed pavé-set diamond ring that takes the phrase, “Maximum Gem/ Minimum Metal” to the limit. The French word “pavé” means “to cover completely,” and in jewelry it refers to a setting method in which gemstones are set closely together over a surface so that they completely hide the metal base. Because it uses less precious metal, this method characteristically results in jewelry that is very lightweight. With 4.3 grams of precious metal and approximately 0.6 grams (3 carats) of diamonds, this ring’s total weight of only 4.9 grams (0.17 ounce) impresses one with its lightness from the moment it is first held.

The same domed shape was already in use during the ancient Greek and Roman periods. The museum shop at the Louvre Museum in Paris carries reproductions of rings from those periods, and the beauty of their form is spectacular. Not only is this style refined and elegant, it is also very easy to wear. Many forms of rings have been produced and worn since ancient times, and it appears that every imaginable form has already been used. The creation of jewelry of this level is possible thanks to the availability of the special metals required to realize the detailed planning and design behind it.

Again, the quality of jewelry can be judged by looking at the back of a piece. Here the intentions of the producer become apparent. As shown in the photograph below, the metal on the back of this ring has been carefully worked into a deep honeycomb pattern. The purpose of this patterned metalwork, known as “ajour,” is to bring out the beauty of gemstones by allowing light to enter through their pavilions, as well as to permit fluids to drain from the back of the stones during cleaning and wear. Time spent working on such hidden parts of jewelry adds to its cost. However, when considering that jewelry is meant to be worn, and enjoyed for its beauty and the comfort that it brings, such effort is well worth the extra cost.

18K Yellow Gold
Size (mm): L 20 x W 8.0 x H 21