This brooch is completely
free of unnecessary elements.

This platinum and diamond brooch was inspired by the image of an elegant plant, a representation of the natural beauty of reeds blowing in the wind. This subtle piece is so easy to get accustomed to that you might forget you are even wearing it. Unlike the extremely ornamental jewelry styles that might be described as “flamboyant” or “deluxe,” this piece takes a position among the exquisite and refined jewelry styles of 21st century.

This brooch is free of unnecessary design elements, keeping only what is essential. The decision to use diamonds instead of other gemstones is what makes the three lines of platinum representing the reeds appear so attractive. The diamonds are then arranged with large stones forming the central portion of the individual stalks, gradually decreasing in size as they approach either end. The effort that went into choosing these diamonds is obvious-inspecting numerous stones for those with matching face-up appearances and carefully arranging the, by size so that they graduate smoothly within the design, the expression of such simple beauty is made possible only through attention to fine details and a careful finish.

The creation of superior jewelry depends totally on the will of the producer. If a jeweler commits itself to making high-quality, exceptional pieces, it will (1) employ designers who are dedicated to the fundamentals, (2) take extra care in choosing and purchasing the raw materials, and (3) put production in the hands of talented artisans with proven skills, even if it means higher costs. On the other hand, if the producer’s primary concern is to lower costs, the results will be superficial designs, the use of lower-quality materials, and the handiwork of half-hearted craftsmen. If you are looking for comfortable jewelry that can be enjoyed over a long period of time, it is important that you carefully consider who you buy from.

As with the brooch to the next page, the one pictured below is a lively piece of jewelry that has done away with unnecessary elements. Two brooches like this one could be worn together in parallel, either vertically or horizontally, or in a V-shape, making a variety of expressions possible. Another characteristic of this brooch is its lightness, which keeps it from tipping over when being worn.
Uyeda Jeweller
900 Platinum
Size (mm): L 59 x W 4.0 x H 2.0