7 Key Points of Quality

  • 1. Uninfluenced by Fashion
  • 2. Transparency of Gemstones
  • 3. Balance of Beauty
  • 4. Comfort of Wearing
  • 5. The Optimum Setting
  • 6. PT950
  • 7. Two-year No-cost Warranty

Uninfluenced by Fashion

SUWA's Jewelry is gemstone-oriented jewelry that brings out the maximum beauty of gemstones in classic designs that are uninfluenced by the fashion of the day.

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Transparency of Gemstones


SUWA utilizes diamonds polished from highly transparent rough of the finest quality.

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Colored stones

SUWA uses colored gemstones that are highly transparent, beautiful, and free of defects.

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Balance of Beauty

Gemstones are combined to bring out the hidden beauty of their shape, size, and color to their maximum degree.

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Comfort of Wearing

To allow for comfortable everyday wearing, the area that contacts the finger is carefully finished.

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The Optimum Setting

The setting is one of the most important factors in bringing out the beauty of gemstones.

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SUWA uses 95% pure platinum (PT950).

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Two-year No-cost Warranty

The two-year, free maintenance and repair period is a "trial period" during which you can get used to the handling and care of gemstone rings.

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