7 Key Points of Quality

  • 1. Uninfluenced by Fashion
  • 2. Transparency of Gemstones
  • 3. Balance of Beauty
  • 4. Comfort of Wearing
  • 5. The Optimum Setting
  • 6. PT950
  • 7. Two-year No-cost Warranty

Uninfluenced by Fashion

SUWA's Jewelry is gemstone-oriented jewelry that brings out the maximum beauty of gemstones in classic designs that are uninfluenced by the fashion of the day.

Personal Adornments

Jewelry that can be enjoyed for generations to come

SUWA's desire is for our jewelry to be thoroughly enjoyed for its beauty and the comfort it brings, and for it to be a source of joy for generations to come.

SUWA will continue to create gemstone-oriented jewelry that is beautiful, that can be used every day, and that can be enjoyed over a long period of time.