7 Key Points of Quality

  • 1. Uninfluenced by Fashion
  • 2. Transparency of Gemstones
  • 3. Balance of Beauty
  • 4. Comfort of Wearing
  • 5. The Optimum Setting
  • 6. PT950
  • 7. Two-year No-cost Warranty

Balance of Beauty

Gemstones are combined to bring out the hidden beauty of their shape, size, and color to their maximum degree.

Combining Gemstones

Diamonds splendidly highlight the beautiful red color of rubies.


The beautiful green is emphasized within the strong brilliance of diamonds.

diamond, emerald

A beautiful harmony of transparency and strong brilliance is created.

diamond, diamond

Balance of Size / Diamonds / Round Cuts

The round-cut diamonds that SUWA uses are carefully polished from "sawable" rough, highly transparent octahedrons that are shaped like two pyramids joined at the base.

For round diamonds under 1.5 mm in diameter, SUWA uses single-cuts. Their larger facets make them sparkle more beautifully than brilliant-cuts.

Diamond / Round Cuts

Balance of Shape / Diamonds / Marquise Cut

The cutter's goal is to minimize the loss of weight from the rough when polishing,
resulting in various shapes of marquise cuts.

Diamonds / Marquise Cut

SUWA uses marquise-cut diamonds that have beautiful outlines with a length-to-width ratio of 2:1.

Diamonds / Marquise Cut

Balance of Color / The Color of Gemstones and the Color of Precious Metals

SUWA selects a setting of the precious metal that will bring out the maximum beauty of a gemstone's color.

For the warm red of rubies and green of emeralds, yellow gold is used, and for the cool blue color of sapphire, platinum is used.


Yellow gold brightens and highlights the beautiful green of emeralds.

Platinum brings out the beautiful blue of sapphires.

Yellow gold magnificently emphasizes the beautiful red color of rubies.