7 Key Points of Quality

  • 1. Uninfluenced by Fashion
  • 2. Transparency of Gemstones
  • 3. Balance of Beauty
  • 4. Comfort of Wearing
  • 5. The Optimum Setting
  • 6. PT950
  • 7. Two-year No-cost Warranty

Comfort of Wearing

To allow for comfortable everyday wearing, the area that contacts the finger is carefully finished.

Smooth Fit

To ensure a gentle and smooth fit on the finger, experienced artisan jewelers take the time to carefully finish each ring.


Ajour refers to the opening of large "windows" on the reverse side of the precious metal setting. The ajour lets more light enter, creates a delicate finish, and quickly dissipates any moisture that collects on the back of gemstones while wearing them, allowing their clear beauty to always shine through.

No Catching or Snagging

The prongs that set the gemstones are given a small, rounded finish so that they do not catch on clothing fabrics or threads. Precisely finished prongs also emphasize a gemstone's fine shape and brilliance, allowing for further enjoyment of its beauty.