7 Key Points of Quality

  • 1. Uninfluenced by Fashion
  • 2. Transparency of Gemstones
  • 3. Balance of Beauty
  • 4. Comfort of Wearing
  • 5. The Optimum Setting
  • 6. PT950
  • 7. Two-year No-cost Warranty


SUWA uses platinum that is 95% pure (PT950). The true color and character of platinum is utilized without any plating. SUWA does not use white gold.

White gold is a type of gold that is alloyed with metals such as rhodium or silver. Since it is mainly gold, there will be a degree of yellowish color in the alloy. To achieve a whiter color, most white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium.

After years of wearing white gold jewelry such as a ring, the plating will wear off as it rubs against other items, revealing the true color of the alloy.


SUWA does not use any materials or manufacturing methods that will change in appearance over time. It is our desire for our customers to always enjoy the beauty of gemstones and precious metal settings that remain unchanged over the years

The ring in the left of the photo was worn for 15 years by one of our customers in the United States. The prongs are worn down, but the platinum has spread over the diamonds and not one of them has fallen out. Platinum 950 is a precious metal that is especially well-suited for gemstone jewelry that is worn over long periods of time.