Bringing out the Beauty of Gemstones

Anniversary Band Ring Model P75454DISA

SUWA Classic Jewelry brings out the maximum potential of small gemstones by combining the hidden beauty of their color, shape, and size.

Presented here is a “Choosing Matching Gemstones” video that explains how this beauty is brought out in one of SUWA’s popular jewelry models.


Model number:
Anniversary Band Ring P75454DISA

This ring allows you to experience the beautiful blue color of sapphires from Pailin, Cambodia, and can also be stacked with other rings.

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  • P75454DISA
    Vol.1 P75454DISA
  • P70996DI
    Vol.2 P70996DI
    will be uploaded in June 2017
  • K73674DIEM
    Vol.3 K73674DIEM
    will be uploaded in July 2017
  • K75297DIRU
    Vol.4 K75297DIRU
    will be uploaded in August 2017