Pt950 18K Diamond Ring

This ring contains a prong-set 5-millimeter round brilliant-cut diamond in the center, with one 4-millimeter and one 3-millimeter diamond set closely together on either side. Each diamond is set with its table surface as close to parallel to the others as possible. The setting holds them as if in mid-air, allowing maximum light to enter them and bringing out a strong brilliance.

The highly transparent and defect-free diamonds are Gem Quality stones that have been carefully polished from fine-quality rough material. The prongs holding the diamonds in place have a small, rounded finish. Even when looking from the side, one can enjoy the beauty and transparency of these high-quality diamonds.

Model number: M74688B4DI
Platinum 950
18K Yellow Gold
Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds
Dimensions: L 21.2 × W 6.3 × H 22.5 mm
Size: 5 ~ 8½

Minimum Gemstone Weight


Gemstone Data

Origin (Polished)Thailand

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The Reason Behind Beautiful Brilliance

Air Setting

The Air Setting faces the diamonds upward in a step-like arrangement, allowing more light to return to the eye.

This is SUWA's original setting method, and when looking from straight above, the maximum amount of beautiful brilliance can be enjoyed.

The key to beauty is the quality of the material.

The key to beauty is the quality of the material.

The 4C's used in diamond grading are not an indication of beauty. The beauty of a diamond is judged by the human eye on its clarity, the amount of intense brilliance, the degree of dispersion of the seven colors of light, and the sparkle it gives off when moved. The key lies in the quality of the material.

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