Pt950 18KYG Ruby Diamond Ring

Six round brilliant-cut diamonds measuring between 2- and 2.3 millimeters, and five rubies are alternately prong set at slightly different heights in this ring. The open sides allow maximum light to enter the gemstones, bringing out the beauty of the rubies and diamonds. The strong brilliance of the diamonds and the vivid red of the rubies complement each other in producing a gorgeous appearance.

The beautiful Gem Quality rubies are transparent and defect-free heated gemstones from the Mong Hsu mines of Myanmar. Small, rounded prongs show the careful attention given to the finest detail during finishing. Though a thin style, this basic ring allows full enjoyment of the beauty of small-sized rubies and diamonds.

Model number: M74695DIRU
Platinum 950
18K Yellow Gold
Round Brilliant-Cut Rubies
Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds
Dimensions: L 20.6 × W 2.4 × H 22.2 mm
Size: 5 ~ 8½

Minimum Gemstone Weight


Gemstone Data

Origin (Polished)MyanmarThailand

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Air Setting

The Air Setting faces the diamonds upward in a step-like arrangement, allowing more light to return to the eye.

This is SUWA's original setting method, and when looking from straight above, the maximum amount of beautiful brilliance can be enjoyed.

Nearly Pure, Beautiful Red Color

Nearly Pure, Beautiful Red Color

SUWA rubies are highly transparent, beautiful and flawless gem quality. The color is close to a nearly pure red with no orange or purplish tones, and when combined, they give off a beautiful, unified presence.

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