Pt950 Diamond Ring

In this ring, marquise-cut diamonds measuring 4×2 millimeters are bar set along with 2-millimeter prong-set round brilliant-cut diamonds. "S"-shaped lines of platinum follow the contours of the marquise-cut diamonds to create a gentle flow, while round diamonds add a sense of extravagance.

Each highly transparent and defect-free diamond is a Gem Quality stone, carefully polished from the finest-quality rough material that is best suited for its particular shape. A low profile keeps the ring from catching, and careful attention to the finest details of finish make this ring a comfort to wear.

Model number: P74145DI
Platinum 950
Marquise-Cut Diamonds
Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds
Dimensions: L 22.4 × W 4.9 × H 22.4 mm
Size: 5 ~ 8½

Minimum Gemstone Weight

〜 71.10ct
7½ 〜1.20ct

Gemstone Data

Ring Size 6

Origin (Polished)IndiaThailand

Depending on the ring size, the number and size of diamonds may vary.

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The key to beauty is the quality of the material.

The key to beauty is the quality of the material.

The 4C's used in diamond grading are not an indication of beauty. The beauty of a diamond is judged by the human eye on its clarity, the amount of intense brilliance, the degree of dispersion of the seven colors of light, and the sparkle it gives off when moved. The key lies in the quality of the material.

The Secret to Beauty is the Length-to-Width Ratio


The key to the beauty of the marquise cut is its outline. There are many different outline of marquises, including too wide, too thin marquise, lozenge shape and oval. SUWA uses marquises with length-to-width ratios of 2:1 to be made into elegant jewelry.

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