Pt950 Octagon Diamond Ring

Diamonds set in the eight corners around this ring provide an accent that produces a charming appearance. The inside of the ring is given a smooth finish that makes it comfortable to wear, and it is a ring that does not easily lose its shape.

Model number: P74218DI
Platinum 950
Size: 3¼ ~ 7½

Minimum Gemstone Weight


Gemstone Data

Ring Size 6

Origin (Polished)Thailand

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Differences in metal

The Ephesus Octagon is a Shape of Good Fortune

Since ancient times, from East to West across the continents and regardless of religion, the number 8 was believed to be an auspicious number, and the Octagon is a shape that has been utilized in buildings and places where people commune with the gods.

In Christianity, eight is an important number representing the Resurrection, and the octagon is considered a shape that connects the worlds of man and God. Many churches and shrines are octagonal structures, and the shape can also be seen in the various ornaments and decorations found therein. In Islam as well, eight is considered a lucky number, and Persian literature refers to the "eight paradises." The octagon is a very frequently seen characteristic in Islamic patterns, and octagonal windows and decorations are often used in mosques.

In Japan, the broadening shape of the character for the number eight (八) symbolizes increasing abundance, and it is used in celebrations relating to matchmaking and prosperity. Spreading out in the eight directions of the compass, the octagon is also considered a representation of the total universe, and is used in astrology. In feng shui, the octagon protects one's being and is a shape that draws in good fortune and positive energy from all (eight) directions.

In this way, the octagon has been used and revered by people as a special shape representing good fortune and eternity. The Ephesus line has taken this shape of good fortune and made it into a ring.

The Origin of the Name "Ephesus"

The ancient city of Ephesus flourished on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Eight-sided patterns are carved in various places on walls and columns throughout the ruins of the city. We can imagine how the ancient inhabitants' hopes for happiness were carved into these octagonal shapes.

SUWA recommends the octagonal Ephesus ring as a wedding band to bring eternal good fortune to couples as they take their first steps on their journey together through life.


Ruins of Ephesus on the Mediterranean coast

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